Owari no Seraph

October 2015 New Anime Guide

Had to say that we had a wonderful Summer and the list was great even after dumping half of the series I started earlier this Summer and finally ended up with just a handful of which I had enough time to enjoy. The process was a pleasure and don’t have to watch something I don’t want to.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri

Recommended Anime of July 2015

Friends on web asked what’s my choice about series to follow this Summer, and now this is my list. Have to say we have some really interesting series this season, including some casual series that most folks could enjoy (and which is not included in this list). Series like Durarara!!×2 Ten, the final season (?) of WORKING!!!, Sore ga Seiyuu! and so forth.

Angel Beats!

Everything Wrong with Angel Beats

“Angel Beats!” is a widely known and well liked Anime about children who end up in an afterlife, all of them having gone through terrible childhoods. In this world they are given a “second chance” to relive their high school days and make their souls feel at peace with the world. However, though I must admit I enjoyed watching this Anime, I did find there to be a few plot holes or problems I simply could not understand or accept.


July 2015 New Anime Guide

Lots of series ended these two weeks. Apart from few that will continue to air this Summer, we have some already planned their new season/cour in the coming October like Owari no Seraph, while others are more or less finding their way to a new season like DanMachi and Sidonia no Kishi. So before we get into each one below, we might already had an impression of what to expect in this hot season.

My Experience With Fanime 2015

My Experience With Fanime 2015

During the Memorial Day weekend of 2015, international anime and manga fans gathered at downtown San Jose to participate in the annual anime convention “Fanime”. Drawing in well over twenty thousand paid attendees and thousands of fans who hung out around the center and at group meetings, Fanime 2015 exceeded all expectations for both new and returning attendees.

Owari no Seraph

Recommended Anime of April 2015

This is a brand new season and we have lots of interesting series. Wonder how you guys like the shows now. There are quite a handful of series that caught our attentions like Shokugeki no Souma and the second season of UBW. Let’s jump right into the list.


April 2015 New Anime Guide

Loads of series ended this week, some of them have announced their second seasons, while some are still waiting for their next buyer lining up for the release of Blu-ray before making up their mind. No matter how, there is a fruitful season waiting for us. We have some really expected new sequels like the second season of Nisekoi, Fate/stay night and Hamachi, third season of High School DxD and of course new series like the next big hit from Kyoto Animation Hibike! Euphonium. We have lots to expect.

Yuru Yuri Third Season Announced

Yuru Yuri Third Season Announced

According to the official website, the third season of TV Anime Yuru Yuri was announced. Written and illustrated by Namori, Yuru Yuri is a Japanese Manga series revolves around the daily life of four middle school girls from the Amusement Club.

Gasai Yuno

ShoukoChan: Fashionable Anime T-shirt

ShoukoChan is a collection of modern and fashionable Anime T-shirts that launched in July 2013. The project originally started when I was looking for a Date-a-Live T-shirt back when the series (season 1) was airing. I was really into the series then (My favorite character was Kurumi). Some designs are available, but they screams too much Anime for most to comfortably wear on a day out. Full body prints T-shirt from Japan looks great, but it is definitely not in trend with the conservative Anime culture where most of us live.

New ARIA Anime Announced

New ARIA Anime Announced

According to the teaser website of Mag Garden on Tuesday, a new Anime of ARIA was announced and will be screened on September 26, when an event of the series will be held. The new Anime has a title of ARIA The AVVENIRE (ARIA the Arrived), the new format of which hasn’t be confirmed yet, and was announced as part of the 10th anniversary project Ao no Curtain Call, as well as 10 years since the first TV broadcast of the TV Anime back in 2005.