2013 New Year Greeting

Happy New Year. You probably heard of it a lot recently, especially accompanying with fireworks and smokes. Wish you all had a great year and still have a nice new year ahead. No, I didn’t run into the crowd to count down and it could be a nightmare for lots of people here in New York City. You heard the story. Apart from the new year greeting, I will also provide some insights into how the blog performed during 2012 below. Read on if you are interested in finding out.

2013 New Year Greeting

Site Performance of 2012

Guess it becomes one of the most important task to review how the blog is performing in a regular basis. In this way, you can see what you have done, and how well it turned out. Keep tracking your gains and losses and learn from them. We’ve done similar thing last year, and you can check out the summary of 2011. Compared with previous year, we basically doubled the figures. Currently we have a steady stream of daily visitors over 2,000,  a 50% increase from last year. Not a big number compared with large sites, but it is also not something too small that we are ashamed of sharing.

2013 New Year Greeting

Let’s take a look at some specific figures compared with performance in 2012. Green indicates increase while red represents decrease.

  • Posts: 343 –> 257
  • Reader Comments: 1572 –> 1286
  • Site Visitors/Page Views: 411,343 / 753,500 –> 802,708 / 1,297,290
  • RSS Subscribers: 449 –> 594
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 414 –> 1,303
  • Twitter Followers: 377 –> 907
  • Facebook Fans: 953 –> 9,523

Looking back at 2012

We had few projects compared with 2011, probably due to other stuffs we needed to play with.

TheAkiba V6 Redesign: This is probably the best project last year. Spent some time in the winter to come up with the new theme for TheAkiba. Built on the Reverie Framework I created for responsive WordPress theme design for ThemeFortress. Since then, the theme didn’t change a lot except some minor revamps of the sidebar and lightbox of the Series Card.

Community: We launched a community built on BuddyPress which turned out to be a failure. I’ve overestimated the capacity of the server, as well as the number of active readers. Later, the community was offline but I did learn a lot.

Planning for 2013

In the new year, I don’t have too many plans at this point. Currently I am the only person of the blog since Saito left in late March last year, and that’s probably why you see the posts number decreased. Based on the previous failure, I am still planning on open a new community which will not be a part of the blog, but instead, a brand new product. However, due to some legal issues revolve around one of the candidate script Xenforo, it might take a while before I start the project (or suspend).

I do have a plan for redesign the site, and make a shift towards a more responsive design. Guess it will take quite a while before I finish the sketch. Meanwhile, if you are interested in becoming a regular writer, you are welcomed to apply using the form here.

Apart from that, the blog will continue update as usual to bring more news and related articles to our readers. Stay with us for the rest of the year for more fun to come. Also if you haven’t voted for your favorite Anime series in 2012, it is time.