3D Mouse Pad


You may have already seen the artbook of the Bishoujo game In solitude, where we are least alone (ヨスガノソラ). And now we have the latest 3D mouse pads for the game, illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira and Takashi Hashimoto.

There’re two of them as a set, one is Kazuha Migiwa (渚一葉, on the left) and other Sora Kasugano (春日野穹, on the right), the sister of the protagonist. There’s no big Opai but the normal ones, even smaller may be. The Kazuha Migiwa one, which is illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira, has a heigt of 30mm (M size) while Sora Kasugano which is illustrated by Takashi Hashimoto has a height of 23mm (S size), and you can now tell me the difference if you own a 3D mouse pad ^^

Both will be released on February 26th. You can >preorder at HOBBY STOCK.

If you’re really evil, you can compare the size and find more merchandises >here.

Read more about the game on >official website.

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