A Week in United States 1


Hey guys, nice to have you back here. Regular visitors may know the reason of my disappearing for about an week. As you may have already known, I am in United States right now! I took the flight last weekend from Hong Kong and spent the next 16 hours on the plane before arriving New York. And then took another plane to get to Cleveland. The trip was smooth but the food on the plane is terrible (well, it always be).

Upon arriving the campus it was eleven o’clock in the evening, take a snap for like three hours then get up in the morning to have a visit in the university.


Seems forgot a little bit about the schedule but I’ve definitely done tons of works and visited lots of places in these few days. Falling in love with the nice US people and impressed by the surroundings. It’s really a nice place to live.


Finally get to the Apple Store in Cleveland and get me first Mac, a 13-inch Macbook Pro. Am sharing an apartment with few people and found no time for me to write something to the site. Will sure keep up the update after moving to my new apartment.