What is TheAkiba?

TheAkiba is a blog made to house Japanese culture, Anime related news, reviews, engage people in discussing popular topics and trends. We not only publish articles before, during and after the airing of the related Anime and shows, but provide various insights into the series which bring readers fresh ideas and thoughts of what they might have already known or missed.

TheAkiba was founded by YoU back in Sep. 2008. We may not the best, but we are continually improving by providing innovative thoughts, various opinions and distinctive experience with our readers. We hope you, our readers, enjoy reading our articles and contributing different thoughts to the community.

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If you have a problem or question regarding the website, or even a few words that you would like to share with us, please contact us and we will be happy to help and respond in a timely manner.

About the Founder

YoU is a blogger, web enthusiast, editor-in-chief and founder of TheAkiba. YoU is deeply in love with Japanese culture, internet technology, web design and development. If you are like him, take a look at how he runs the blog. His favorite series is Aria (アリア) by Kozue Amano (天野 こずえ), may be it sounds a bit weird to you but that’s the deadly truth.

Apart from Japanese pop culture, YoU is especially interested in web design and development, to be more specific, WordPress. He made a WordPress framework Reverie based on ZURB’s Foundation and you can take a look at it on ThemeFortress, a WordPress centered blog he runs.

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