Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

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Our First Issue

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This is the first issue of the newsletter published in the first weekend of September. In this issue, we will go through the important news this Summer.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

TV Anime Series Hunter x Hunter (Remake) to be Aired this Fall

Definitely the hottest news and the most read post in this Summer. The TV Anime adaptation was confirmed back in late July. The first TV Anime of the series was aired back in 1999, and our grownup fans have been overjoyed about the new series. A few days later, we have confirmed the new TV series will be aired on October 2nd. On early August, it is also confirmed that the series will be a remake instead of continuing with the story ended at the previous Anime.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

Noboru Yamaguchi, Author of Zero no Tsukaima Suffers from Cancer

The healthy of the author of light novel series Zero no Tsukaima, Noboru Yamaguchi, is another topic our attentions were paid to. Mr.Yamaguchi reported on his Twitter that he would undergo surgery in August. In this case, the last two volumes of the light novel would be delayed. Regardless of whether you can concerning more about the health of Mr.Yamaguchi or the ending of novel, we decided to report on both. Mr.Yamaguchi showed him courage and desire to continue his work. The author was serious about the surgery and we later learned from the official announcement that Mr.Yamaguchi was to undergo a Cancer surgery. Luckily on early August, Mr.Yamaguchi wrote on his Twitter that the surgery was a success.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

Zero no Tsukaima 4th Season to be Aired 2012

Mr.Yamaguchi’s Cancer surgery called a success, what’s next now? We have noticed the rumor that the fourth season of TV Anime Zero no Tsukaima was to come. In mid-August, the 4th season was finally confirmed on the cover of the Manga. The third season of the series was ended back in September 2008, the producer was so kind that they were going to air the selected episodes of previous seasons in this Fall. Thus we have to wait for the 2012 for the series to be aired. Right now, no specific date was announced. We will continue bring up the latest updates.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito Anime Coming 2012?

According to an interview of Masa Ozaki, the producer from company Sunrise in event Otakon 2011, a new TV Anime series of Code Geass will be aired in 2012. And the new series, as most of us have already known, would be Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito. Later, according to a message on the new Lelouch figure on the official website of MegaHouse, the new series will be coming this Winter. To combine the two message, we had an idea that the new series will be aired late December as one of the TV Anime series of the Winter season. The reason we put a question mark at the end of the title is due to the recent rumor on the product page of the series on Amazon, we learned that the series will be “revealed” in November. Fans started to get confused about whether there would be a TV Anime series. The possibility of an OVA/OAD was increased. So far, no further announcement was made and we will bring the follow-up news update available.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

K-ON! Movie Roundup

Recently we have received several pieces of news and related topics of the upcoming movie of TV Anime series K-ON! which will open on December 3rd in over 130 theaters in Japan. But for most fans outside of Japan, the BD/DVD release, in most cases, will be schedule around half-year after the premiere. In this post, we gather all the information to help fans learn what they want to know about movie. Read more.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

Ask the Commenters: How do You Think About Recent Aya Hirano Scandals

Another person that we paid attention to is Aya Hirano, the voice actress of Haruhi Suzumiya and her recent scandals. Seiyuu Aya Hirano was never failed to have scandals and she does have some kind of special abilities to generate some many. We have read about her a lot more recently and for folks may already known, it’s hard time for Aya Hirano these days and she even decided to, or forced to quit the idol and character voice job. We have also learned that she indeed quit and now join another new agency. Everything seems settle down and fine. But how do you like Aya, regardless of whether you are a big fan of her, tell us what you think.

Top Anime News Roundup of this Summer, Akiba Newsletter First Issue Out

Comiket 80

Of course, we cannot fail to mention one of the most important event this Summer: Comiket 80. We did not cover the event on TheAkiba but we do keep an eye on it around the web. Folks on have published several interesting posts about the topic. You can read them here and here.

Recent TV Anime Announced

List of Anime adapted during the Summer. We will bring the new Anime guide for the Fall season next month.

Industry News

Figures this Summer

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