Weekly Roundup and Akiba Newsletter Issue #2

Our second issue of Akiba Newsletter was just sent out. We have a total of 86 subscribers right now after the launch. If you are interested in our newsletter, you are most welcomed to recommend it to your friends and followers. Your can view it on a new open window here, or check out our archive here.

What’s New this Week?

Fall season is coming, so as tons of new Anime! We will bring the complete list of the TV Anime airing this October to our readers next week. Right now, let’s check out what’s new during the week.

Weekly Roundup and Akiba Newsletter Issue #2

Guilty Crown Roundup

Guilty Crown is the October Anime that we are most exicted about. We have already covered most of the information of the series back in a while, you can explore this really exciting series here. The official website has updated a new 2 minutes PV which has a much higher resolution than the first one. You can watch it on the official website or from our blog.

Weekly Roundup and Akiba Newsletter Issue #2

Sankarea: Zombie Love Comedy Manga TV Anime Announced

Manga series Sankarea (さんかれあ) was green-lit for TV Anime. Sankarea is originally a Manga series by Mitsuru Hattori (はっとり みつる) who launched the series back in late 2009.

Weekly Roundup and Akiba Newsletter Issue #2

Recorder to Randoseru TV Anime to be Aired this Winter

Meme Higashiya’s (東屋めめ) four-panel Manga series Recorder to Randoseru (リコーダーとランドセル, Recorder and Satchel) just announced its TV Anime adaptation. The announcement was made on the official Twitter of Mangaoh Club (まんが王倶楽部). The word Randoseru can be translated into English as Satchel, a term to describe school bag, and in this case, it specifically refers to the school bag of elementary school students.

Anime Reviews

List of interesting Anime related reviews and posts that we found across the Anime blogosphere. Interested in getting your posts here? Contact us.

  • My Top 10 Most Hated Anime (conspicuous klux)
    What is your most hated Anime? kluxorious from conspicuous klux has showed off his preference. Some of the big names also show up on his list, ready for a shock?
  • WORKING’!! – 01 (Pre-Airing) (Random Curiosity)
    Fans might have already noticed about that the first episode of the second season of WORKING coming this Fall has already aired this week. Random Curiosity has an interesting review and you may want to check it out.
  • Life Lessons from Anime (Nopy’s Blog)
    Nopy talks about his lesson learnt from watching Anime, interesting yet controversial. But would like to say, most of them depending on your luck?
  • Summer 2011 Mid-season Impressions (Behind The Nihon Review)
    Staff from NHRV talk their thoughts on the Summer Anime. Probably the last chance for you to catch up with your Summer watch list before new series coming this Fall.

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