Amagami SS Second Season Announced; What about the Story?

According to Famitsu, on August 13 during Anime Festa 2011 (アニメフェスタ2011) held in Tokyo, TV Anime Amagami SS announced its second season. The update was also announced on Twitter and the official website also updated the front page for the confirmation of the second season. Also, the theme song of the coming season will be performed by azusa as its predecessor. So far no other details were released but we are expecting the same staff list as the previous season.

Amagami SS Second Season

And about the story which I think most fans are concerning about. We have already known that the first season had a arc style plot for each female protagonists. If you take a look at the end of the promotion video of the second season, you will find that the second season will dig deeper into the life of these protagonists. But what would you think if they produce another six arcs for each girls? That will be weird. So, we could expect something like a whole full story instead of several arcs. Despite the difficulty of such a complete plot, we do have some faith since we have seen a similar one like KimiKiss (キミキス). KimiKiss has a great story with two male protagonists chasing girls :)

How do you like the series? Stay tuned and we will bring more updates later.

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