Angel Beats! – 13 [End]

Didn’t get time to do episode 12, but that episode wasn’t as amazing as this one. The 13th and last episode of Angel Beats! just blew me away. My love for KEY just got refuelled, it was such a sad .. yet.. a happy and beautiful ending. It’s hard to describe with words, if you’re familiar with the works of KEY you’ll know what I mean.

I was actually constantly taking images during this episode, triggerhappy finger on the screenshot key you could say..

Where episode 12 left off, (no shit sherlock =p ). Everyone is gone except for those five.
I love how Kanade hums “My Song” by Iwasawa, she looks so happy and the crew have a surprise in store for Yuri ^__^. Grad Party! On a serious note, the colours look so vibrant and lively, not that it should be compared to Makoto Shinkai’s work but the artwork here is really rich and vivid.
Kanade Headshot
Huge picture of Kanade’s face.. for no particular reason.. =D
And so the ceremony starts, they sing, play and laugh a lot. But finally get their diploma, SSS graduates, I’m so proud of them. All five, even Naoto with his man tears! This is just about 6 minutes orso into the episode and the tension between everyone is gone, they’re like best friends and the comical side of KEY really shows here. Huge personality change from Yuri and Kanade. Hiding behind Yuri..? psshh, Hand Sonic 5!
Yuri Headshot
Another headshot, this time of a blushing Yurippe for, again, no particular reason =)
Hinata Headshot
Hinata with his glasses, mustache and bald wig (bald wig?! does that even make sense?) funny though, I really wonder if Hinata and Yui will ever meet up in the other life. I feel really sad while thinking about it while I’m writing this.
Yuri and Kanade sharing a hug, isn’t that just as sweet as sugar cubes dipped in honey?
Empty rooms
Gdemo member’s guitars stacked very neatly, both rooms vacant.. it feels so lonely.
More huggles
We finally get to hear why Kanade is in this world, remember when Otonashi died and was determined to be a donor? Well guess what, Kanade has Otonashi’s heart! I did not expect this.. at all. I skipped a heartbeat during the scene. Otonashi’s also declares his love for Kanade (which was expected to happen sooner or later). Everything happens so fast from this point onwards. Overkill on the lensflare, but it gives something dramatic to it.
No more huggles
Kanade disappears as she found love, Otonashi’s love, leaving Otonashi behind .. heartbroken.
Finding the destined one
Transitioning to another world, you can see Kanade leaning against a wall humming “My Song” once again. Coincidentally Otonashi passes by and hears the melody ~
Reaching out
This speaks pretty much for itself =). Notice the short hair and attire I wouldn’t imagine Kanade wearing that to be honest. But yeah, this is how it ends (or begins), the open endings are killing me, it just makes me want more but there is no more.
YES, FINALLY! Kanade in that picture! When I first saw this picture I was hoping for this day, the day where Kanade would appear among the SSS members. The ending was really beautiful, something you can expect from KEY. I would’ve never thought that KEY would pull off this series with just 13 episodes, but with the last episode they’ve proven me wrong. Even though this series started slowly and steadily climbed up, it remained funny and heartbreaking, moments of sadness and moments of happiness. With the shortness I couldn’t really get attached to some characters, the backgrounds for some are really amazing but a characters needs development and with mere 13 episodes it’s impossible to do. It worked out very well for Yui, Kanade, Yuri and Otonashi; maybe even Iwasawa but that was because it was rather sad  instead of being attached to the character. Those are pretty much the main characters who left a mark and who will probably be remembered by most of the people watching the show. It’s quite a shame that the rest of the SSS didn’t get a chance to shine. The story started out quite slow too and has still left me with more questions than answers, why was Kanade in the world before Otonashi? Why aren’t more people coming to that world? What actually happens when you leave that place? Will Hinata find Yui? Will Shiina get a pile of toy puppies? Did God really create that place? What happens to the NPCs?  I don’t think we’ll ever get an answer on those questions, just leave it to your imagination. 8/10!