Angel Beats! Album by Girls Dead Monster: Keep The Beats!

Final the series has came to an end, and finally this great album was (about to :)) released. It’s few days earlier than the official release date June 30 as usual. Guess most fans were eager to have the album ever since episode 10 where the great track Ichiban no Takaramono (一番の宝物) was aired. Get it on Play-Asia or CDJapan.

Girls Dead Monster: Keep The Beats!
And about the Anime, Snow has came up with a timely post of how he thought about the series right after the last episode and you may want to check it out. I would also like to write a post for the review of the series later. Now, enjoy the nice album.


  1. Crow Song (Yui ver.)
  2. Thousand Enemies
  3. Shine Days
  4. 23:50
  5. Run With Wolves
  6. Morning Dreamer
  7. Rain Song
  8. Alchemy (Yui ver.)
  9. 一番の宝物 (Yui ver.)
  10. Little Braver (Album ver.)
  11. My Song (Yui ver.)
  12. My Soul, Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.)
  13. Brave Song (Gldemo ver.)