Anime Angels Artbook

If you are a fan of Anime, illustrations and you happen to be an active backer on Kickstarter, you may have already learned about a really interesting project called Anime Angels ArtbookAnime Angels (DA) is a 100-page original-character artbook featuring the work of 68 Anime artists from 22 countries, and focusing on one theme: angel. The project was successful funded with a total pledge of $8,027 contributed by 94 backers. We at TheAkiba was lucky to receive an Angel First Class package from the editor for which you will need to pledge for $45 or more to get during the funding period. The package contains a copy of the artbook, six 5×7 postcards and a 11×17 poster. We have taken a snapshot of what the set looks like.

Anime Angels Artbook Set

The story began at Fanimecon 2011 in California where Bruce Hahne, the editor of Anime Angels started recruiting artists for the project. Bruce successfully invited 68 artists and ended up receiving around 100 artworks. You can learn more about how Bruce kick start his project with all those talent artists on Youtube.

Anime Angels Artbook Front Cover

The cover, probably the best illustration and also my favorite, was done by Shilin Huang (DA), a really talent artist from Canada. It is a very well printed book and has 104 pages. Not very thick but the quality is quite good.

Anime Angels Artbook Back Cover

There is a snapshot of 9 illustrations from the artbook on the back cover.

Anime Angels Artbook 1
Anime Angels Artbook 2
Anime Angels Artbook 3
Anime Angels Artbook 4
Anime Angels Artbook 5

Page 32 and 33 featuring Cyber Angel by KumiKoalaStar and Iris by Red-Priest-Usada:

Anime Angels Artbook 6

Page 46 and 47 featuring Aden by Nobu-Hazel and Eternal Flame by chocobikies.

Anime Angels Artbook 7
Anime Angels Artbook 8
Anime Angels Artbook 9

There are few pages introducing the artists who contributed their works at the end of the book.

Anime Angels Artbook

The exterior and interior design and layout done by Finni Chang is also well tailored. For folks who purchase the book, you are eligible for a screen-resolution version (1280×800, 1920×1200) of the cover art done by Shilin Huang. Scan the QR code or visit the URL indicated on the book.

Get $5 off until August 15

1,000 copies were printed, including 100 hardcovers. You can order it on Amazon (softcover with no bonus items), or on the official website (ship internationally) for more choices. Currently they offer several bundles:

  • Angel: softcover book + one 5×7 postcard
  • Angel First Class: softcover book + all six 5x7postcards + one poster
  • Cherubim: hardcover book + one 8×10 print
  • Seraphim: hardcover book + all six 8×10 prints + one poster
  • Archangel: signed and numbered hardcover book + all six 8×10 prints + three posters

The package starts from $35, for the readers of TheAkiba, Bruce was kind enough to provide a $5 off each package, until August 15. Remember the discount only applies when you order it via the official website. Choose which way to order your package:

The reason that I wrote this review, apart from an invitation, there are some other thoughts that I want to talk about. We all know Japan is where you can find most Anime related stuffs around and guess that’s why wer are all enthusiastic about heading to the country. On the other hand, most of the works done by country outside Japan somehow find their own style and create their own industry. But most of them are big firms and to raise a project, you will need a large sum of money. For fans, the opportunity of starting a promising project is even less. For example, when you hit the word “anime” while searching on Kickstarter, you get only 42 results and half of them are not related to what we mentioned as Anime (well, you can find lots of Animation projects though). It’s a signal for me to see Anime Angels Artbook is among the toppest funded in this genre.

Even though some illustrations in the book may have a hard time to complete with those professional illustrators in Japan, we do see lots of really (seriously) good illustrations and talent artists. And more importantly, to work with those artists and in the end successfully created this artbook is a really challenging process. If you want to start some interesting project, whether on Kickstarter or not, pitch us with your thoughts and ideas and we will see what we can do to help.