Anime IDOLM@STER Promotion on Newspapers

Among all the July TV Anime series, The IDOLM@STER (アイドルマスター) is definitely the one that receives the hottest welcomes. The news of the air has already roaring across the web a long time before the actual airing in July. And as you might know, just before the air of the series on July 7, producer has spent a lot on advertising the series on daily newspapers for a whole page across Japan.

Related news also reports that the director of the Anime series talked about the difficulties of the Anime adaptation. If you can read Japanese, you can take a look at the whole article. The following is the pic of all the collection of the advertisements on Japanese newspaper. Basically we can see all the main characters were promoted in their respective cities. Click or drag to enlarge. The series will be aired today in Japan, looking forward to it.

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