Ao no Exorcist Movie Announced

According to the latest issue of Jump Square magazine, TV Anime series Ao no Exorcist (青の祓魔師, Blue Exorcist) was green-lit for movie production. So far, no other information was released. The last episode of the series is scheduled to end this Sunday, and we will get back to this if more information is revealed. The series was aired this April and has a total of 25 episodes. It’s one of my favorite series this Spring, despite the fact that the Anime route is driven away from the original Manga by Kazue Kato (加藤 和恵).

Right now, the series is going to have a movie. Apart from the truth that we don’t have any idea about the story of the movie at this point, it gives people a feeling, a feeling that we have sensed before, and if I recall it right, is similar to a series with a super short elder brother and an iron younger brother, and we call it Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師). It’s ture. Fullmetal series has two separate lines, one with a brand new story, the other follows the original Manga, and they both have a movie version. Similar thing can happen to Ao no Exorcist too. But Ao no Exorcist is a bit different. The Manga content is probably enough for another 25 episode, but if you want to make it an Anime, it turns out that the climax will probably be knowing that Rin is the son of Santon. Well, it’s just some assumption, what I mean is the Manga version cannot be made into a 25-episode Anime, however, it will be cool if you made it a 2-hour movie, or a 64-episode new Anime. The former will be my guess for the movie, while the latter could have the some possibility.

Don’t blame me if the guess turned out to be wrong :) We will post update when new information come. Stay tuned.

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