Ask the Commenters: When did You Drop Naruto?

It is a question that I would like to ask everybody. Naruto is, probably one of the oldest series I loved before I actually fell in love with Anime as I do today. I was a big fan of it since the Anime adaptation of the series. I loved the story and it’s a typical Shounen manga (少年漫画) with action and fights, featuring attractive female protagonists with exaggerated or overemphasized features. And in a word, attractive.

But as time passed, the series grew into a black hole which I felt I can never see the end of the story. When a story becomes too long, it usually become difficult to catch up with, and it is hard to understand the relationships among all these characters. Especially when the Anime started to drive away from the path of the original Manga. So I dropped this series at around 60 episodes (TV Anime). It was not a black stormy night that I made this decision, but something really nature.

Asking the commenters, have you watched this series before? If you have, are you still following it, either Anime or Manga? If you have already dropped it, when did you do?