Ask the Commenters: Will You Watch AKB48 Anime?

The web is roaring about the news that idol group AKB48 will get their own Anime this week. Well, of course not all of them will get a character in the Anime otherwise there will be over 200 of them including their sister groups. So their took the vote and choose only 9 out of them. You can image the fierce fight already. The result will be shown on the official website. The Anime will be directed by Ootsuki Toshimichi (大月 俊倫) and Kawamori Shouji (河森 正治), the directors who also directed Evangelion: 1.0 and participated in Macross series respectively. Well, we could more or less smell the coming big robot fight or Mecha girls, which might remain you of Idol Master, the robot one produced by Sunrise. You can find out the staff list on official website of Oricon, a list that probably won’t disappoint you.

I am not a person who usually follow these kind of idol groups, and I prefer rock bands much more, like B’z and L’Arc~en~Ciel. While waiting impatiently for Daughtry’s latest album to be released this November, I am trying to find out how our readers like the idol groups or the event that they are going to have their own Anime. Will you going to watch it next Spring? Me? I doubt that.

Will You Watch AKB48 Anime?

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