K-ON!! – 20

My most anticipated episode of the second season, it’s all about HTT’s LIVE! Remember their first live performance in K-ON! that was amazing and Fuwa Fuwa Time had a PV! Awesome, awesome ~

K-ON!! – 19

HTT, is performing Shakespeare’s RoMio and Juliet. ( pun intended ).
It’s so freaking cute to see Mio play as Romeo.
Besides, this is the final episodes before HTT actually takes the stage and play their song, can’t wait!!

My Anime List (+ Current Season Impressions)

Hey guys. I’m still relatively new here at TheAkiba so today I wanted to talk about what sort of Anime I’m into. I also give some thoughts on some shows from the Current Season.

Starcraft II facts & WoW Guestpass

With my copy of Starcraft 2 I got two WoW and two SC2 guestpasses, since I don’t need the guestpasses I’m giving it away.
Check out the post if you’d like a guestpass =).

Midsummer season impression ’10

Since YoU just posted his recommended series of this season, I thought of posting mine too.
Because we have different tastes in anime genres it might be interesting for people to explore here and there and see if they have any tastes in common with the authors on this site =).

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

The Swarm is back and even fiercer than ever, with the Queen of Blades as the leader of the ferocious beasts the battle heats up again as the Terran and Protoss try to stop her. In this first chapter/part it’s all about James “Jim” Raynor and his Raiders.

Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter, an one episode OVA probably a lot of you out there have been waiting for. It’s probably almost a year since it got announced and trailers for it showed up. Well this weekend it was released, to be precise on this Saturday. But does the OVA live up to its hype? Spoilers ahead!

Summer season impression

Short impression of the series I am currently following. Most series only have aired one episode so don’t see this as a review since it’s definitely not, it was the same for Angel Beats!, episode 1 was really .. confusing but the series turned out to be really good.

Bakemonogatari – 15 [End]

The best, and I truly mean it, the best series of last year finished around a week ago with episode 15 called Tsubasa cat part 5. I’ve waited so long for this series to end, not really to end but to continue with the story if you know what I mean. And here it is episode 15!

Ookami-san – 1 [Pilot]

And so our summer season starts, at least.. mine started today. First show that I wanted to watch was Ookami-san. Why? Because this show could be the best of the season and I don’t know if the other shows have aired yet. Anyway, here’s a quick look into episode 1 of Ookami-san. A lot of people referred this series as being ToraDora 2.