First Impressions: Red Data Girl

The new anime Red data girl aired 4 episodes already and so far its not looking too bad. The character designs are very good but they don’t stand out amongst the new Anime’s of the spring season. Despite that they are still very good. The character designs were done by Minako Shiba. The animation quality of the show is surprisingly great and it’s transitions are excellent when changing scenes. Unfortunately i haven’t had the pleasure of watching it in high definition so my comments on the show’s look is quite limited.


First Impressions: Tamako Market

I will be giving my first thoughts on the new TV anime Tamako market. Tamako market was released January 9th 2013 by the company that made K-ON!, Kyoto animations. I know my first impressions is quite late but that goes to show how good this anime is, its kept me quite busy.

Masuzu Natsukawa

First Impressions: Oreshura

I will be giving my first impressions of the new TV anime Oreshura. Oreshura was released on 5th of January 2013 and it is scheduled for around 13 episodes. I wont be talking about the recent events because they have just occurred in the series. I will be mainly focusing on the early events, my favorite character and my overall impression of the show.