Ask the Commenters: How do You Think About Recent Aya Hirano Scandals

Seiyuu Aya Hirano was never failed to have scandals and she does have some kind of special abilities to generate some many. We have read about her a lot more recently and for folks may already known, it’s hard time for Aya Hirano these days and she even decided to, or forced to quit the idol and character voice job.

Sometimes it would be totally difficult to tell what is true and what is wrong, or is it intentionally or not, especially these days. We have social media running across the world, like Twitter and Facebook, we have news and bloggers yelling to convince what they provide is the truth. Neither of them can stand long and all you need as an individual person is to keep your own point of view and never let all those ideas penetrate through you, including me. So, take a breath and we are going to do some discussion today.

You can continue reading this post by skipping Aya Hirano’s scandals. It’s quite a good option since you won’t be affected by any pre-assume standings. Or want to know what happened to Aya? Do some Googling here and you should keep an objective understanding. The reason that I don’t post direct links or something here is to avoid personal adjustment that will affect my readers since an individual post won’t give you the whole picture.

Aya Hirano

I am not a fan of Aya Hirano, neither Haruhi Suzumiya (I adore Nagato who I think should really be the heroine) and her voice is never my type. Thus it would be fair enough for me to talk about this issue from a more objective point of view.

What I have seen was how her fans turned against her just because of some scandals or something that failed to live up to their expectation. So what? Idols are still human and they are not saint. Gathering around and destroying collections of your ex-“beloved” idols won’t do any good but showing your stupidity. It’s a common atmosphere but I cannot help saying something about how these adjustments from “fans” disappointed me. Okay, I won’t call them fans, but rather selfish and ignorant people.

There is a large body of Japanese otaku who actively dislike Hirano Aya. She and Mizuki Nana seem to have the highest negative to positive thread ratio on 2channel.

I usually put it down to two things: first, that otaku have a limited and conventional idea of how seiyuu should sound; and second that they demand that their seiyuus not be “disloyal” and seek popularity from groups other than otaku.

The above quote is from Hashi who wrote back in 2008, you can read it here. Regardless whether the quote is right or wrong, Hashi did provide some ideas into this issue. And to be objective, yes, even though I am not a fan of Aya Hirano, am a fan of Nana Mizuki and I like her voice very much.

And I like to stop the post here before going to another 1000 words. I think I give you my understanding and I would like to hear some voices from my readers now. Also, a good chance for me to know my readers.