The Best Anime of 2013

It is 2014. As we are all looking back in the old year for all the sorrow and sadness, pain and recklessness, it is a good time to be more positive and less pointless, and let’s start with a brand new plan and to all of our readers, well, everyone out there, a better new year. Let the sickness be in the hell, let go to happiness, and embrace who you are. Guess this is enough for the opening that I am not really good at and let’s jump right into our grief of the end of all the good series last year. Did you have a wonderful year? Did you enjoy those top series like the other? What’s your favorite series of the year? Guess we have a lot to recall.

Best Anime of 2013

Before digging right into the poll, let’s do a bit review of all the series aired last year, as well as our recommendations.

Now it’s time to cast your votes!

The Best Anime of 2013

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