Best of TheAkiba in October 2011

Thanks for all our fancy readers, we had a great and busy month. TheAkiba is under heavy revamp, and you probably have already noticed the change of the forum. How do you like it? Any cool ideas? Prefer BBCode over HTML? Let us know! And of course, more new stuffs are coming on their way. In this post, as usual, we will pick the top ten posts during the month. You can also check out out complete archive of the month to see if you have missed something.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie Announced

According to the announcement on the official website of TV Anime series Toaru Majutsu no Index, the movie of the series is confirmed and more details will be revealed in the upcoming issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine on October 11. It appears that suddenly all the producers gain extra funding from the government and ready to pour it into a more profitable industry. If you heard of the news of Blood-C which gain support from the Japanese government, you probably understand what I mean.

Quick Look: DOG DAYS 2nd Season Announced

According to the official Twitter of HMV Anime, the 2nd season of TV Anime series DOG DAYS has been announced. It is totally not a surprise and if you take a look at the sale and the shining staff list, you probably would be convinced. The causal style of the series and cute girls of the series are widely accepted by fans even though in a name of War that actually fan-serviced a lot of people.

10,000 Free Tickets to Japan

Interesting piece of news from Danny Choo that the Japanese government is going to invit 10,000 foreigners to Japan in 2012 and pay for their travel. Certainly it is some kind of tourism and economy recover policy. The number of foreign visitors since earthquake and nuclear accident has dropped by a huge amount. The reason that we mention this news is it appears that Danny works with some Japanese government departments and he can more or less convince them to choose you first. If you are interested in this event, go and visit Danny’s blog and learn more about the applying details.

Light Novel Kokoro Connect Anime Adaptation Announced

If you “happened” to find that the thumbnail of this post reminds you of K-ON!, you get totally wrong. It is about light novel series Kokoro Connect which was green-lit for Anime. One of the highlight is that the illustration of the novel has a extremely similar character design which took me a while to identify. That is because the illustrator (Horiguchi Yukiko) of the light novel happened to be the same person as the character designer of Anime K-ON!.

Amagami SS Second Season to be Aired this Winter

According to the official website of TV Anime Amagami SS, the second season of the series titled Amagami SS+ plus will be aired this Winter since January 2012. The total number of episodes will be around 12 and it will have a similar style too. Each heroine has her own arc of 2 episodes telling story happens after the first season. Noted that we have the male protagonist in Haruka Morishima arc where talks about story after their marriage, so, and we also have the couple staying in the Onsen together in Ai Nanasaki arc. So, what to expect?

Guilty Crown Premier [First Impressions]

Arguably a forerunner, if not the most anticipated series of fall, Guilty Crown delivered with a stunning visual display coupled with an exquisite musical selection—promising to rapidly gather an impressive viewer base as a pandemic rivaling that which brought the post-apoctalyptic city to its knees.

Hayate no Gotoku New Anime Adaptation Confirmed

According the late 30th volume of the Manga series of Hayate no Gotoku which released on October 18, a new Anime adaptation is confirmed. Well, this topic is a bit old since we have talked about it for a while. You should not be surprise since back in April, the author of the series Kenjiro Hata has mentioned on his Twitter that there would be a third season after the movie this Summer. So, it will be a third season, if you trust the author.

Recommended Anime of October 2011

It’s time for another post of recommended series of this season. If you haven’t checked out our list of new Anime this month, it’s time. There are tons of them, I mean it. Here is a list of a total of 19 series which is divided into recommended and casual watching sections. The recommended series are those I like a lot and think you will feel the same way, while the casual watching ones are I currently follow and you may want to have a try if you like it.

Ask the Commenters: Will You Watch AKB48 Anime?

The web is roaring about the news that idol group AKB48 will get their own Anime this week. Well, of course not all of them will get a character in the Anime otherwise there will be over 200 of them including their sister groups. So their took the vote and choose only 9 out of them. You can image the fierce fight already. The result will be shown on the official website.

Favorite Heroines of October 2011

It has been around a month since the airing of the new TV Anime this Fall, how do you like it? Japanese bloggers brought up an interesting topic around who is your favorite heroines among all the latest Anime series. Since there are just too many of them, it becomes difficult to make a poll for it. The choices are not limited to main protagonists, but open to all characters.