Blog Minor Revamp

It has been a while since the last redesign of the blog. With the release of Foundation 3.0, I though it may be the right time for me to tweak the blog a bit to stay up to date. Spent two weekends to finish the work and quite satisfied with the productivity. All you see may just be the sidebar and probably some other minor changes but indeed, it is quite a big change in terms of the inner part. If you are interesting in learning more about Foundation, or happened to use my WordPress framework Reverie, read on.

Blog Minor Revamp

Foundation 3.0 introduced the concept of box-sizing: border-box for its grid system, and then suddenly, everything seems changed. The concept is not something new but has been around for a while. In traditional CSS box model, we define the width and height of the box, and the padding and border will add to the width and height of the box model. In box-sizing: border-box, thing is different. We define the width and height of the box and then if we set the padding and border, they automatically apply the value inward, the opposite as the traditional way.

The beauty of this concept is we can now use 100% for width without afraid of messing things up with the border and padding. Everything else is well taken care of. Thus in order to apply this tech, I have to go through all the CSS and correct the value for the new concept. To point out, box-sizing: border-box are compatible with IE8 and above. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, thing will be fine.

Apart from what told above, I also took some time to revamp the Series Card. Well, you might not notice anything since the regular layout hasn’t changed. But when you click the image of the Series Card, you will see a new overlay of a beautiful black display of the Anime series. I’ve included a sample below, click the image to see what I mean.

Also I’ve updated Reverie Framework and it’s compatible with Foundation 3. In less than three weeks, it was downloaded more than 1,500 times. Reverie Framework was activated more than 3,000 times and currently running on more than 1,200 blogs on the Internet. If you are a developer or want to design your own theme, try it out.