Google Plus Invitation Giveaway

Google has been very hot these days. If you are getting all the related news, you will know that Google+ is one of them. Acting like a Facebook, Google is to build its own social networking platform and with this tool, all your information including your Google Readers, Calendars, Docs, Gmail and Photos will be aggregated into one single network.

TheAkiba 3rd Anniversary

TheAkiba 3rd Anniversary!

TheAkiba is 3 years old! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve partnered with popular online distributor of Japanese goods, J-List to celebrate the day and bring you some free stuffs from Japan. Peter Payne, the founder of J-List, was kind enough to provide two Figmas and some other assorted Japanese goods. And to celebrate our 3rd birthday, we at TheAkiba would like to share that love with our readers.

Kirino Figma

Kirino Figma and Green Tea Kit Kat Giveaway

We talked about this last week. So, here we are at, the second round of the giveaway. Thanks for the supports from our readers, we had an really successful 3rd anniversary giveaway last week. The winners were announced last Saturday and congratulation to those folks. This week, we are going to do a similar thing.


Ask the Commenters: When did You Drop Naruto?

It is a question that I would like to ask everybody. Naruto is, probably one of the oldest series I loved before I actually fell in love with Anime as I do today. I was a big fan of it since the Anime adaptation of the series.


Converting Anime to Your iPhone / iPod Touch

Ever wanted to bring your favorite Anime on your iPhone or iPod touch but couldn’t quite find out how or was the quality of the encoded media just so bad that you gave up? Then this guide is perfect for you, a step by step guide on how you can convert your Anime and have the best quality possible. This works on a windows machine but you can try it on a Mac, I’m not sure if the programs are able to run on the mac though.


Ask the Commenters: What is the Most Touching Anime You Ever Watched?

How many Anime series have you watched? How did you like they? There are series of all kinds out there and some of them are sad while some of them are happy forever and ever. In this post, instead of discussing the best Anime series that you have ever watched, I would like to share with you the most touching one that I have ever watched.


The Ship Steam Game Giveaway!

Hello and welcome to the first Giveaway of 2013! as this is the first Giveaway of 2013 and to celebrate the ending Winter Season and the new Spring Season we are giving away 2 copy’s of a game called The Ship on Steam a highly addictive and enjoyable game. This giveaway requires that you have Steam but don’t worry its free to download so everyone has a chance to win!


Dannychoo.com Theme by TheAkiba.com

Remember when I mentioned few days ago on Christmas Eve that I had been looking for Danny Choo’s email address to inform him about the theme stuffs? Guess what, I received Danny’s email one day after Christmas, surprisingly, since I hadn’t sent the email yet.

Danny and I were talking about the theme stuffs and we’re now ready to release the theme. I changed the style of theme according to Danny’s requests and made it looks much more identical to Dannychoo.com. Check out Danny’s post here. Also you can check out the original one.

TheAkiba 7th Revamp

TheAkiba V7 Revamp

This is the latest redesign of TheAkiba since almost two years ago. Lots of things are changed and lots of new excitements are added. When I look back around five years ago when TheAkiba was first established, it was running on a free theme, and for most amateurs, we rarely pay for those premium themes or plugins since most of us won’t even need them. There are always free alternatives, and when you start to realize that everybody else is using the same thing as yours, it is time to rethink. So why not just create our own theme? Let’s stop here and guess I could come up with another few thousand words for my learning experience. But now, let’s just get more focused on the latest revamp.

Google Plus Official Invitation Reopened; 10 Invitations Giveaway

Folks who tried to get access to Google+ (Plus) is a bit tough these day. We have received many comments and requests but due to the limited access, not all of them can get a registration. Yesterday, Google has just relaunched the official invitation and we are ready to giveaway to the folks. But this time, a little bit different.