Blood-C and xxxHolic, Where Saya Meets Kimihiro

Folks who have already watched the latest episode (ep7) of TV Anime series Blood-C may notice some really interesting things happened in this episode. Our protagonist Saya meets the dog in the dream and talks about wishes. And suddenly, to those who are fans of works of CLAMP or have learned about series xxxHOLIC, you may get totally surprised when the dog says that “he” came from a wish-granting shop where “he” is the owner. A person came in to my mind the next second was Kimihiro Watanuki (四月一日 君尋), the male protagonist of xxxHOLIC, also who “happened” to be voiced by Jun Fukuyama (福山 潤) as the dog. The dog says “he” is here to grant the wish for which equal amount of “price” should be sacrificed.

Things become totally strange and the two series seem to have some connection even though we have already known that this is a really common phenomenon among works CLAMP. It still surprised me since Blood-C is an original Anime. For folks who understand the relation between these two, you are welcomed to talk more about it. But I don’t think there is anyone out here to answer this question. But we can now get lots of similarities between the two series. The hair style of Saya is similar to Himawari Kunogi (九軒 葵) in xxxHOLIC, the twin sister and Maru (マル) and Moro (モロ). What else can you find?

To fans who finished watching Blood+, do you understand the relationship between the two Saya? I guess they should be the same person. Is Fumito Nanahara (七原文人) the final boss? Who else can it be? Lots of question in mind, you are most welcomed if you can talk more about it.