Boku no Imouto wa Kanji ga Yomeru: New Light Novel Cannot Overlook

I have to admit that I was first attracted by this great illustration before I noticed the content. With a title of Boku no Imouto wa Kanji ga Yomeru (My Younger Sister Can Read Japanese Characters, 僕の妹は漢字が読める), it is a light novel that will be released on July 1st in Japan by HJ Bunko (HJ文庫). Written by Takashi Kajii (かじい たかし) and illustrated by Halki Minamura (Circle: blackgate; 皆村春樹, Twitter), the light novel won the silver award at the 5th HJ Bunko Taisho (HJ文庫大賞). And wonder which novel won the first prize? Ore to Kanojo no Zettai Ryouiki (オレと彼女の絶対領域)! Check out the detail page for all the novels in the list.

Can read Japanese and interested in the novel? You can preview the first 50 pages at the official website here (Flash required). Also, you can purchase it on Amazon Japan using your Credit Card. There are also tons of interesting novels out there. Check out their official website for more.

Guess you guys may all click in for the nice illustration, here it is. If you want to get the full size version, visit Halki Minamura’s page on pixiv. So cute and guess that I just love her black tights. Nice work, Halki!

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PS. Cannot find the correct Japanese Hiragana name and English translation of the light novel. Guess I am the first English blogger to post about it. If it goes wrong, blame my Japanese.

[Links: Novel Official Website]