Final Fantasy Adventure Remake Heads West for iOS/Android

Square Enix launched an English version of its official website for its remake of the Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu -Final Fantasy Gaiden-) game on Friday. The company will release the game for iOS and Android devices in the West under the title Adventures of Mana. The website currently lists no planned release date for English version of the game. The English […]

Why Do Some Voice Actors Like Not Knowing About Their Roles?

Jitendar asks: In interviews and commentaries on anime discs, I often hear English VAs state that they like to be surprised regarding their characters and the story, which would be good if most of your work involved turning up to a booth, reading the lines, and relying on the voice director to guide the performances […]

Screenshot of the Week 3: Yama no Susume

Screenshot of the Week 3: Yama no Susume

I went into Yama no Susume not expecting much but it has proven to be a pretty enjoyable show. To an extent, I learned a few things about mountain survival. Sadly though, not a lot of people are pleased with this show. It has an extremely mediocre rating on MAL and a lot of negative comments in decisions. I, for one, do not understand this.

Screenshot of the Week 1: Chihayafuru

Screenshot of the Week 1: Chihayafuru

I admit that Chihayafuru was a little hard to get used to at first due to the foreign card game “Karuta.” I soon fell in love with the show though! The animation is gorgeous, the Karuta games are extremely intense and the story is beautiful. This week we are featuring a beautiful screenshot of Chihaya Ayase, the main female protagonist, in episode 6 of the show.

Anime Angels Artbook

If you are a fan of Anime, illustration and you happen to be an active backer on Kickstarter, you may have already learned about a really interesting project called Anime Angels Artbook. Anime Angels is a 100-page original-character artbook featuring the work of 68 Anime artists from 22 countries, and focusing on one theme: angel. The project was successful funded with the total pledge of $8,027 contributed by 94 backers.

Illustration of the Week 11: Hyouka

Illustration of the Week 11: Hyouka

Ever since the first episode, Hyouka has been my favorite TV Anime series of this Spring. The first part of the series ended last week and I really enjoyed the show. This week we are featuring Eru Chitanda, the female protagonist of the series. If you a big fan of Anime, you might be heard of Satomi Satou, the voice actress behind Eru and probably best known for her role as Ritsu Tainaka in K-ON!.

Illustration of the Week 10: Guilty Crown

Finally, the first episode of all the series of the Fall season were aired. And one of the last, Guilty Crown, is probably the one that you should never miss. We had a wonderful time watching the first episode of the series, the animation is close to movie quality, the character design is cool, and the most impressive one to me, the music. The series starts with the OP performed by our female protagonist (well, we know supercell is actually singing the song), which instantly turn out to be the track that I most expect of the season.


Illustration of the Week 9: Blood-C

All the Summer series are on the half way and we still have another month before the October. Quite like some of the series like Yuru Yuri and Natsume Yuujinchou. However, some of the series are quite difficult for me to decide whether it’s good or bad, like Blood-C.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou

Illustration of the Week 8: Kami-sama no Memo-chou

Second month of the season, wonder how many TV Anime series did you guys drop. Me? Dozen of them. Most series stay in the grey area where you can either watch or not, it’s all depends on you. Of course, we have our recommendation here and you may want to check out if you like.

Illustration of the Week 7: Hana-Saku Iroha

There are tons of sea and beach, as well as Bikinis in the latest episode of Hana-Saku Iroha. Also, this time, we can see how and what Yuina Wakura really is. It is surprised that she has a fiance and it is even more surprise that she dumps him at the end of the episode.