Illustration of the Week 6: Hana-Saku Iroha

Cute illustration of this week is Hana-Saku Iroha, the beloved series which is going to have around 26 episode. Still a lot to watch even in the next season and guess we all have a watch list full of names.

Illustration of the Week 5: STEINS;GATE

It has been a while since the previous post and I am now totally back to the usual schedule. The exams are done and things are back to normal and kind of enjoying these moments when you can do something you really enjoy doing.

Illustration of the Week 4: Hidan no Aria

Have you guys watched the first episode of the series Hidan no Aria? If you haven’t, you might want to check out our latest post of the impression of the series before you do. The overall quality of the series is quite good and it definitely worth spend your 24 minutes watching it.

Illustration of the Week 3: GOSICK

Anime series of the Winter season GOSICK is about to arrived at the mid-point of the story. The TV Anime of the series is about to air a total of 24 episodes, which is much generous than those series end up at 12 or 13 episodes.

Illustration of the Week 2: Infinite Stratos

Illustration of the Week 2: Infinite Stratos

It’s the widely discussed Infinite Stratos again. In this week’s episode, Sharuru finally becomes Charlotte and the mini-skirt she wears is just…awesome. And also sadly to see that Charlotte takes shower with the stupid Ichika. Anyway, enjoy the nice scan rather than Charlotte :D

Illustration of the Week 1: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Probably a new series of the week. Planning to post a nice illustration, an Anime scan, or something else every week, just to relax a little bit. And the first round features the hot Anime of this season Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?.

2D Lingerie Shots No.13

Finally arrived at China and the first thing that remind me of this is the delay of entering the boarder. Quite some time has been spent on the inspection of a visitor coming from South Africa who complained that he was stopped by the officers every time since they did the inspection locally but the passport he got is international standard. Well, this is not a cold joke but what’s happening in the country. And about the trip, it’s energy consuming and I haven’t slept for 24 hours. Enjoyed movies on the aircraft is fun but the limit space was really killing myself. At last, everything seems fine and I found myself almost perfect in adjusting to the China time zone and guess will need more time to sleep.

2D Lingerie Shots No.7

Long time since the previous post of the series. Basically busying working on the paper of the school and I’m now ready to start the new theme in a few days. Some friends mentioned a galgame named Stellar Theater and asked for information. As far as I know, the game has released but since it’s illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira, there’s a fame. Will bring something about this topic later. And here’s a nice scan of Seia Kanou (狩野 星亜), a heroine of the galgame Stellar Theater. Of course, it is illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira.

Yuko Amamiya

I guess everybody knows who this character is, right? Yuko Amamiya (雨宮 優子), from the galgame ef – a fairy tale of the two. Well, since we’ve already identified the character, I’ve a question here. Who’s the illustrator? It really confuses me. I know that Naru Nanao does the artworks and CGs for the game, but what about the above one? It looks like a Naru Nanao work, but at the same time, also looks like a Hiro Suzuhira work. I can easily identify Naru Nanao’s and Hiro Suzuhira’s artworks but not this one. Tell me if you know that.

Illustrator Scans: WNB Mark: Fate/Unlimited Codes

Just got an awesome scan from icie on Hunting the Elusive. Drop by his blog to get it. Be careful, it’s “HUGE” ^^. And about the scan, WNB’s C75 Clear Poster Fate/Unlimited Codes, illustrated by WNB Mark (Mako Tatekawa (館川まこ) & Setse Yuena (ゆえなせつ)). Want to know something about WNB Mark? Check out their blog.