[Exclusive] Anime Expo 2015 – TheAkiba Ayano Mashiro Interview

Ayano Mashiro began the Fate/Stay Night Event at Anime Expo with her debut single, “Ideal White”, the opening theme for the widely popular and critically acclaimed anime “Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works” produced by ufotable. She was in character, as her voice carried the nervousness and apprehension of an artist who has just set out […]

[Review] Anime Expo 2015

Atmosphere/Impressions 2015 was my first time ever going to Anime Expo. I had been meaning to go previous years, but times and scheduling had never worked in my favor. All my previous anime convention experienced was limited to Fanime in San Jose, and Animation on Display in Santa Clara, both significantly smaller than AX. I […]

Kyoto Imperial Park (Kyoto Gyoen)

Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Kyoto

Colorful leaves everywhere; beautiful climate and cool atmosphere signify the approach of Fall. And with the fall season each of us are tempted to take a tour to see some of the most charming places in the world. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan has well preserved many of its ancient structures thus drawing millions of tourists every year who love to experience Japan’s glorious past. Below is a list of the best places to visit in Kyoto during this fall.

Microsoft's Claudia in Comiket

Microsoft’s Claudia in Comiket

Voiced by Eri Kitamura, Claudia Madobe, Microsoft’s mascot character of the company’s Azure Cloud service for the first time, is going to have a booth at the largest Comic convention in Japan, the Comic Market (Comiket). Of course, Microsoft is not going to sell Doujinshi during the event presumably, and we all can tell the company will be better off in this winter by providing limited version of PCs, Windows 8 and a bunch of mascot goods of course, and probably the special version of Windows Phone?

Facebook Purges Cosplayers' Accounts

Facebook Purges Cosplayers’ Accounts

News were already spread over the web that Facebook accounts of Cosplayers were deleted overnight. Facebook’s TOS does state that the company reserves the right to remove users who fail to use their real names. Also according to Examiner, many individuals with pages for businesses linked to deleted accounts have also been lost.

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Character Poll

TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary Character Poll

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TYPE-MOON, the company rolled out a poll for all of the characters from its previous works, including but not limited to Fate/Zero, Mahoutsukai no Yoru and any other series. Visit the official website here and click the yellow button to make our vote. You can choose up to three characters from all TYPE-MOON’s works, and of course, you will need a bit Japanese in order to pick the proper characters.

Major Festivals in Japan

Almost each shrine in Japan celebrates a festival of its own. As a result, there are innumerable festivals in Japan. Called Masturi in Japanese, most of the Japanese festivals are held annually to celebrate the deity of a shrine or commemorate any historical or seasonal event.

Top Historical Places in Japan

The transition has left clear impacts on Japanese society, culture and economy. Rapid urbanization is crowding out traditional villages in many places. However, it left no dent on legendary cordiality of Japanese people. Japan is the safest place to travel alone or with family. Best attraction is of course the historical places. They are too many; we’ll see top few.

Galgame Brand Overflow Going Bankruptcy

Galgame School Days Maker Overflow Going Bankruptcy

Rumor arises of Galgame brand Overflow will go bankruptcy. We learned that the company has been working on their latest product with a title of Shiny Days which was announced on the live program on Nico Nico. Also in the program, the company pointed out that Shiny Days will be their last title and game will be delayed two month until April.

The Man Who Made AKB48

The Man Who Made AKB48

Idol groups in my opinion are products, and you need to market it properly. In the end of 2011, the Wall Street Journal interviewed the creator of AKB48 Yasushi Akimoto, the 55-year-old Japanese pop producer and discussed about the concept and future of the project.