Guilty Crown OP Full PV: My Dearest by supercell

I am quite excited to learn that the PV of the OP of TV Anime series Guilty Crown was finally streamed on Nico Nico. Though it is quite different from the TV size version, it’s one of my most expected track of the season. Performed by supercell, the Single My Dearest will be released next week on November 23, sweet enough to be one day ahead of Thanksgiving. The ED Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~ will be released one week after the OP.

K-ON! Movie ED Singing Unveil

Anime series K-ON! has just unveiled their ending theme song for the movie on the official website. With a title of Singing, the ED is quite an impressive track compared with all the songs the cute band performed. Together with the opening theme and insert track Unmei wa Endless!, the ED will be released on December 7. We have talked about the movie of the series which is coming this December, with a story around the graduate trip of the club to London, the city of music. The trailer was already out, which provides you a bit insight of how the story is going to be.

Fate/Zero ED Memoria by Eir Aoi Streamed

Fate/Zero ED Memoria by Eir Aoi Streamed

The official website of singer Eir Aoi has just put up a preview version of Memoria, the ED of the upcoming October TV Anime seres Fate/Zero. Eir Aoi is a new singer from SONY and is ready to release your debut Single Memoria on October 19. We have already brought a brief introduction about her last month, with her face being covered and entitled as a mysterious singer.

Eir Aoi

Eir Aoi: Mysterious Singer of Fate/Zero ED MEMORIA

Long before the coming of TV Anime series Fate/Zero in October, we have the ED of the series being confirmed. Performed by Eir Aoi, the latest singer from SONY Music. If you say that she is lucky enough to have her debut song as an Anime ED which will more or less increase her popularity even before the release, I would like to ensure you how talent she is.

Ore no Imouto OP by ClariS: irony

The third week of October and have decided what Anime to follow among all the spectacular shows. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) is one of my favorite among all and was surprised how I was disappointed about the Manga of the series in the first place. The series is way better than I expected, and the music is also nice, especially the OP irony by ClariS. Attracted by the tune from the beginning and was glad it was released in a timely manner. Must check out.

Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA: Day Game

Angel Beats! is back?! Not really. This is a nation tour by the band from the series Girls Dead Monster together with LiSA known as Keep The Angel Beats!. Guess it will bring back some happiness to the early ended series. The tour started from August 3rd to Sep 2nd, and below is a new Single released half way of the tour. Day Game, a new Single of band Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA.

K-ON!! ED2: NO,Thank You!

Here is the second ending theme of the second season of Anime series K-ON!!. Somebody has mentioned that the new ED is quite enjoyable as the first one. Well, sure thing that it’s better than the OP while still not outperform a lot. Personally I don’t have much passion on Mio’s voice as others while I did found that she quite cute after the strawberry was taken by Mugi :) Still it’s a nice track of the series. Enjoy.

K-ON!! OP2: Utauyo!!MIRACLE

Here is the second opening theme of the second season of Anime series K-ON!!. Like the OP1, the OP2 is still not acceptable compared with the first season. Quite surprised that the second season will have 26 episodes and I was not ready for that many. The story starts to go plain for a while but still within my following series, guess I just like the first season much better. Just hope that there won’t be a third season :)

Angel Beats! Original Soundtrack

Anime series Angel Beats! ended a month ago while I don’t really have a feeling about this. It seems to me that there are still coming episodes, probably because the whole web is talking about the coming unknown episode 14 or OVA. It’s truly an excellent movie of the season, probably the best of the year. Apart from the “coming” episodes, some albums and tracks are coming on the way.

Nurarihyon no Mago OP by MONKEY MAJIK: Fast Forward

This is one of the series that I follow this season. Quite impressed since the first episode and I decided to follow for more. The OP and ED are both nice. The OP Fast Forward was released a while ago and the ED won’t be available until August 18th. The OP was included in the Album MONKEY MAJIK BEST ~10 Years & Forever~ and was available before the air of the Anime.