Chaos;Head ED Single Released: Seira Kagami feat. Ryohei – First Sight

Yeah, it finally comes after waiting for nearly a week. Some fans of Chaos;Head and Seira Kagami keep on asking me on the comments whether the version of ED of the anime is from the Single, and to which I cannot answer since I hadn’t got the Single at that moment. And now everything seems to be solved, there’s the Single! And YES, the version I put up few days ago should be the Single version though the volumn of that track is bit low.

Actually I got the APE version and convert it to the 320Kbps MP3 files since the original version is a little bit huge (140MB). BTW, a wallpaper (1600×1200) of the series is presented below. Enjoy~~

  1. First Sight
  2. Super Special
  3. First Sight -exclusive edit-