Confirmed: K-ON! Manga to End Next Month

We mentioned the rumor yesterday, today, with the scan on the web, we have to confirm that the Manga of K-ON! will be ended in the next issue. As you can see in the scan below suggesting that fans should not miss the last chapter of the Manga. Meanwhile, we’ve talked about the third season of the TV Anime and we are expecting to see some kind of announcement coming in the next issue of the magazine too.

Confirmed: K ON! Manga to End Next Month

As you know, the Manga now has two separate storylines, one is about university and other about high school. The scan of the Manga is from the university storyline, and we so far do not know whether both storylines are going to end. Further information about whether the high school storyline will be ended too will be updated in this post. Bookmark it and check back to see if there are anything new.

Source: Yaraon