Danny Choo WordPress Theme Updated

I’ve mentioned it a while ago, so, here it is. This is an update version of the previous Danny Choo WordPress theme (learn more about this theme here, or on Danny’s blog). Nothing changed in the look of the theme except I upgrade it to add several features and make it compatible to the latest version of WordPress 3.2.1. In order to use this theme, you should have a 3.0+ version installed in order to use the theme.

Danny Choo WordPress Theme Updated

What’s New?

The most interesting thing of theme is, as I said above, the upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. You have to use a 3.0+ version in order to use the theme and I will explain the reasons and new features below.

  • The first new feature is Post Thumbnail. If you tried out the previous version of my theme, you will know at that time (3 years ago), in order to show the thumbnail of the post, you have to either use the Custom Field, or TimThumb and I choose the former. And with the update of WordPress 2.9, a new feature Post Thumbnail is added and users can now easily define their own thumbnails. Also with this new feature, theme designer can customize the size of the image and show them accordingly.
  • The second new feature is Custom Menu, which was introduced back in 3.0. Previously, users have to hack their theme (or the theme designer provides the option panel for the users) to change the menu, with the update of WordPress 3.0, this feature was shipped. After activating the theme, go to Appearance and choose Menus, you will be able to edit the menu yourself. Please note, I did not include sub menu for this version.
  • Last but also the most exciting one is, we have an Option Panel, which means you can do everything within the back end of WordPress without going to the code. I use the Setting API method to create a simple theme option page where you can enter all the necessary information, including the featured category, custom CSS, your ads and so forth. The rest is automatically done for you. This is really an interesting feature, think I will integrate it with my current theme.



I have set up a forum for discussion of the theme. If you have any questions about coding, customization, or found a bug, please go to the forum instead of leaving comments here. I will not answer questions regarding code and customization here, so go and use the forum instead (also good for archive purpose). And remember to wrap your code/snippets (if there were any) to a <code>your code</code> tag when posting so your code is preserved.

What’s Next?

I’ve also mentioned about another Danny Choo theme, well, still under developing. And somehow busy recently and failed to contact Danny. So, stay tuned for it :)