Discussion: RO-KYU-BU! ep1

The first July TV Anime series aired in this Summer is RO-KYU-BU! (ロウきゅーぶ!) which we have been talking about for a while with the release of the cast staff PV. The series presents us the most sensitive topic across the world, Loli and if you have already watched the first episode, you may come to an idea that they should never do that. Making fun of all the five sixth-grade girls doesn’t sound too fun for the defenders, let alone all those fan services.

First, I have to say that I am disappointed. I was hoping it could be something like A Channel or alike, and it indeed does something that is similar. The Ecchi part I guess. With all the fan services and moe stuffs around, the Lolis dressed up from maid outfits to short pants and Buruma, and of course, to nothing but sunflowers. It’s quite difficult to imagine this is a sports Anime, at least we see them playing around the basket balls for a while.

Digging deeper, even though the Yuri series slowly developed into a Harem one, it does have something that attract people at the first glance. The voicer list is premium and the character design is acceptable. Now comes the story. The first episode did not really tell is a lot about the plot but you can tell from the from the start that three boys seem to be the reason why the Lolis began playing basket ball. If they are willing to decrease the services scene, it will definitely become a better one.

What about you and how do you like this series? Will you follow it?