Durarara!! – 24 [End]

Not only did Angel Beats! end but also this quite amazing series ended. I would’ve never though that I’d get thát into this series by looking at the name. When I started watching I didn’t really have any expectations, that might’ve helped. But soon enough I got fairly amused and basically got addicted to it.
I haven’t been keeping up with weekly updates for this particular series, didn’t have time and I thought of doing an easier series than this so I did Working!! and Angel Beats!. I’m very pleased to finish this series.
Shizu chan
The coolest characters all appear in this final episode, you have Celty, Shizuo, Anri, Simon, Mikado, Kida, Izaya. But personally I find Celty to be the coolest characters in the whole series, a headless biker.. that’s something new =D.. also a woman ^_^.
Simon falcon punch
Punched in the EYE by Simon, I say Izaya deserved that punch. They speak Russian in this scene, it does sound like Russian but the accent, omg, it’s horrible.. not that I can understand Russian or anything but I can at least hear the difference between the real deal and this imitation.
Celty's head
Celty’s head, still in this jar with.. I have no clue, but I doubt it’s formaldehyde since I doubt Celty would want her head back if it’s been in that chemical solution.. Nasty stuff, trust me.
It’s L-o-v-e! I didn’t really care too much about Mikado and his ‘gf’ but it’s still nice to have some romance in the series though it was far from romantic. Hospitals, broken bones and injuries everywhere.
Celty's killer body
Celty with her killer body xD .. Who would’ve thought to see Celty wear something like that. I would’ve thought she’d stick with leather ;).. if you know what I mean.. ( just kidding! )
awww =3

I can’t believe that it’s been 24 episodes already.. that means 24 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed the series, it was really original. I really didn’t feel like watching the series at first, that was somewhere in December or something but once I saw the first 3 episodes, I immediately got hooked. It started out really random with the story following almost every character, everyone kind of got his own piece. That was something which confused me like mad, I had the same feeling while watching Darker than Black S1, however after the initial few episodes, the series went to a so called Seika arc whereas they followed a storyline. To be honest, I found the crazy randomness which didn’t make sense more fun to watch but I’d probably get sick and tired of it if it didn’t transition into a set storyline. I know that the series only took a little part of the story from the manga, this could mean that there will be another season, the chances are fairly high. If and when they would release S2 I would definitely pick that up. As for now, it was fun to watch and I suppose I should wait for another season.