Eden of the East Movie Original Soundtrack

Late release of the original soundtrack of the movie of Anime Eden of the East (東のエデン 劇場版). The O.S.T. contains soundtracks from the two movies which have already been on screen in Japan. The DVD of the first movie The King of Eden has been released and guess the second one Paradise Lost will coming in the next four months like the first one. Have already watched the movie I and will write up a review later. The following link is only for preview, if you like the O.S.T., please buy it.

Guess this will be the last post of music of the series, have sum up the previous post below:


  1. 朝靄
  2. Invisible (LEAH)
  3. No Way!
  4. 慕情
  5. 姿なき統治者
  6. Misunderstanding
  7. 受理されません!
  8. Fire Gun
  9. Scrup&Build
  10. 持たざる者達の咆哮
  11. A widow
  12. ミカエルかベリアル
  13. Tactics
  14. イリュージョンです!
  15. 柞葉の
  16. プレーヤー達の苦悩
  17. No pain, No gain
  18. 邂逅
  19. 持てる者の義務
  20. No Vision
  21. 蘇る記憶
  22. 名もなき者たち
  23. 野に放つ
  24. 思い出のゴールデンリング
  25. light prayer
  26. future nova ‐album edit‐
  27. after laughter