Evoticon: A Site for Emoji / Japanese Emoticons

To people who are familiar with Japan or Anime, you can see all kinds of Emoticons on all kinds of devices like cellphones and computers. In Japan, it is called Emoji (絵文字) which refers to the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages.
Japanese Emoticons
Evoticon is a nice WordPress blog that showcase all the interesting Emojis across the web, like: ( ‘Θ’)ノ( ‘Θ’)ノ( ‘Θ’)ノ means Yahoo!, ( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ クマッタナー for Bear Waving and (*>ω<)ノ))バイバイ for Goodbye. It’s quite fun to have a collection like this but I am sure there are tons of them on the cellphone that Japanese people use daily. Emoji is so powerful in Japan that even iPhone cannot resist and later adopt this feature.

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