FAKKU Partner with Kitty Media for Streaming Select Adult Titles

We’ve received a message from Jacob, the founder of FAKKU (NSFW), the largest English speaking hentai website in the United States, is to announce a licensing deal with Kitty Media which will give FAKKU the rights to stream select Kitty Media adult titles in the United States and Canada. The service begins yesterday with Immoral Sisters. The titles will be freely available on FAKKU in DVD quality streaming with both Japanese / English audio, and English subtitles.


It is not a usual event that will happen nowadays since most Japanese producers won’t allow their works being streaming on the web. However, ironically, by providing TV Anime streaming on websites like YouTube, it actually help increase the sale of the BD/DVD according to a study of Japanese government. For more about this topic, check out Ernesto’s post on TorrentFreak.

Despite the truth, Jacob seems to have enough influence to shake this foundation and provide the fans with more free stuffs. Ready to give a try? Check out their press release page for the links here. Please note, you need to be at least 18+ or fulfill any other requirements by your country to view all the videos.

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