First Impression: Mirai Nikki

This new anime adaptation kicks off with a good start. Mirai Nikki displayed high content quality along with stunning graphics. This anime is very related to the real world and would make fans think “What if we actually had a real Future Diary and can know what the future awaits?”. Adapted from a recently ended Manga series of the same title, it promises the ability to shatter the record of popularity of its manga series. I’m hopeful for the future of the series and can’t wait for the surprises to come.

The story revolves around Yukiteru Amano, a loner who has no friends and spends his time writing a so-called “Diary” on his phone about random events that happen in his everyday life. Being alone, he begins to imagine a new world in which he creates an imaginary friend “Deus Ex Machina”—God of Time and Space. Deus, however, turns out to be a real God and transforms Yuki’s Phone into a Mirai Nikki (Future Diary). His phone can now predict the future as if they were diary entries written by Yuki everyday. However, with this new ability comes great responsibility as Deus tells Yuki that if he loses or breaks his diary, he will die.

Unknowingly, Yuki was not the only one who owned a Mirai Nikki. Yuno Gasai, a fellow female schoolmate of Yuki (and his official stalker) also owns one. Yuno’s diary predicts Yuki’s future in 10 minute intervals.

Soon accompanied by Yuki, Yuno has to work to kill a serial killer who is actually another Mirai Nikki owner. Together they work to stay alive in the “Game” created by Deus in which the last man standing would inherit Deus’ title as the God of Time and Space. Yuno, who’s crazy in love with Yuki, is determined to protect Yuki and to win the game by defeating the other Mirai Nikki owners.


This Fall anime has great potential and promises to receive high ratings by anime lovers everywhere. The animation style is terrific and the sound, amazing. Eiji Hirayama and Ruriko Watanabe did and excellent job in character design as well. Adapted by Asread and directed by Naoto Hosoda, Mirai Nikki is all set to hit us with an amazing plot this fall. Having read (and loved) the manga, I’m already a huge fan of the series. Yuno makes me love this even more—she’s cute, smart, yandere and maybe a little bit psycho!

Don’t miss watching this series as it promises to have great hidden potential and more surprises to come.