First impressions: Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai next/Haganai next

Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai is now in its second season and is called Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai Next. The show is also known as Haganai but in this case it will be Haganai Next. The show was created by Yomi Hirasaka and explores the journey of friendship and throws some fan service into the mix giving a touching story of lonely people looking to make friends with their crazy idea’s  that somehow ends up with some risque scenes. The show is full of laughs, heart felt moments and some alone time moments ( if you know what i mean ). For those who don’t know what i mean, watch the show and you’ll understand soon enough. But do not worry, it is not hardcore in its attempts to provide the fans with some service. The show is very suggestive though and if you are old enough then you will understand humor. If not, you can still enjoy the funny moments between the characters and their hilarious attempts at making friends.



Kodaka Hasegawa is a transfer student who has just arrived at St. Chronica’s Academy, a catholic high school. Due to his natural blond hair and his Fierce looking eyes he has trouble making friends here just like at every other school he has attended. Being isolated from the class Kodaka is always alone until one day he comes across Yozora Mikazuki talking to her imaginary friend Tomo in an empty class room. Both of them due to their loneliness decide to band together and create the ‘Neighbors club’ which is dedicated to making friends and improving their social skills. Soon after the club is created Sena Kashiwazaki joins. Sena is conastantly surrounded by boys and some consider her to be popular but she has no friends that are girls so even though she is never alone, she still finds herself lonely. After Sena, two more people join the club, Yukimura Kusunoki and Rika Shiguma. All of them suffer from loneliness and are determined to find a way to make friends, but none of them notice that they are all slowly becoming friends. They also have a really young club overseer, Maria Takayama and Kodaka’s little sister Kobato frequents the club room a lot and is considered an unofficial member of the neighbors club.

Of course that is what happens in season 1. Season 2 just continues on from there and follows their time together and introduces some new characters to the show. The new characters consist of Maria’s older sister Kate and the ever so recent character Aoi Yusa.

My thoughts:

Personally i love the show, i find it really funny and quite sweet at times. I love the density of Kodaka especially. No matter how many whispers the girls make about how they like him, no matter how many hints they drop, he is never aware of the situation unless someone outright says it. He just has no sense when it comes to girls. Of course that is not a surprise considering his past and lack of friends but still, common sense is enough to understand the situation let alone a love sense. As funny as it may be, i cant but help feel sorry for Sena especially. Not only cant she get the boy she likes to understand her feelings, she has to deal with her father who is unusually interested in Kodaka. Plus she is tormented by Yozora so she just cant catch a break. However, her harassment of Kobato is not something i like about her. Even though it’s not happening to me, i find it rather bothersome. The only reason i cant completely hate it is because we get some unbelievably cute reactions from Kobato. Those along with the anime pose and laugh she does are the highlights of her character.

My favorite character has to be Yukimura. The undying devotion and respect for Kodoka is really sweet. Not to mention (spoiler) she is a girl all of a sudden. All thought she was an extremely feminine boy, now is found out to be a girl. Finally i don’t feel wrong thinking Yukimura is very cute. I also love the fact that all the girls now see her as a rival, but not just any rival, a formidable one. She looks very weak and fragile. She tries to do things on her own but fails and somehow ends up with a very sexual look about her which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kodaka.


The show is great but doesn’t really have a special and very detailed story. Even so it manages to give great details into the characters which gives the audience a greater understanding of why the characters behave the way they do. Some people don’t really like shows without an interesting story full of amazing plot lines and twists. Me i love the casual anime and enjoy all it has to offer which makes this show perfect for me. If you don’t like that type of anime then i wouldn’t expect you to enjoy this. It not really a great romantic show either. It’s just very funny and throws the idea of love at the center of it making all the jokes and scenes based around the girls love for Kodaka.