First Impressions: Red Data Girl

The new Anime Red data girl aired 4 episodes already and so far its not looking too bad. The character designs are very good but they don’t stand out amongst the new Anime’s of the spring season. Despite that they are still very good. The character designs were done by Minako Shiba. The animation quality of the show is surprisingly great and it’s transitions are excellent when changing scenes. Unfortunately i haven’t had the pleasure of watching it in high definition so my comments on the show’s look is quite limited.



The show revolves around Izumiko Suzuhara, a 15 year old girl that has lived at Tamakura shrine all her life. She has a problem with electrical devices and always ends up destroying them. One day she is visited by her guardian Yukimasa Sagara and his son Miyuki Sagara. She is told that Miyuki is going to be living with her and her family from now on. Even Miyuki is against it but he has no choice but to go along with it. Miyuki and Izumiko have known each other since they were kids but their relationship is not so good. Despite their relationship, certain events involving spirits forces Izumiko to rely on Miyuki and they come to an understanding that there is something strange about Izumiko. They find out after Izumiko is possessed by an entity called “Himegami” and that she is known as “kami”, a vessel for a shinto spirit and Miyuki is a “yamabushi”, a warrior meant to protect the “kami”. They decide to go to Houjou high school in Tokyo which is a special place for those who have gifts or relations with spirits. There they can learn about themselves and what exactly these spirits are.


My thoughts:

So far i found the show to be quite interesting. Its not at the top of my list as a “Must watch”, but I’m definitely going to continue to watch it. The show isn’t really comedic so if your looking for a laugh then this show isn’t for you. This show is more along the lines of a serious story where relationships are put to the test. The plot has not really advanced that much in these four episodes so there is not much to talk about. Hopefully it begins to pickup and really show us an interesting story and a good time. Usually i would tell you who my favorite character is but no character in the show really has me hooked. This isn’t a good sign but I’m going to continue to watch it through to the end.