Freebies: Hurry up for Your Lifetime Premium Pandaform for FREE

Ok, this is not an ads. As you might know that the blog is under restructure and I’ve been finding ways to improve the user experiences. The blog has just rolled out the Guest Blogger feature which encourages bloggers to get their content published on TheAkiba. And while in the way of looking for better services on the web, I encountered some really cool sites which provide super premium services. And among one of them, Pandaform, an online form builder platform, was giving away their premium account for users.

The premium is named “Popular Plan” according to the blog and will be rolled out on 1st September. According to the blog of Pandaform, the plan comes with unlimited users, forms, 3000 submissions, and a total of 5 gb storage! A 29.95 USD/per month value for the price of nothing! And it’s for LIFETIME! Apart from the Popular Plan, Pandaform also offer FREE plan which only provides limit features but still much more generous than Wufoo or Formstack. You don’t want to wait for the roll-out of the plan and get either a FREE plan account or pay a huge amount of fee to get what is supposed to be free. So, hurry up to register for your account.

Pandaform Plan

Apart from the free premium account, Pandaform also include rich features which other paid services may not able to provide, plus you get a sleek user interface while creating forms, as well as your readers who actually filling in the form. Read more about the rich list of features on their official website. And finally, I’d love to say again that this is not an ads and I won’t get an benefit from this. But if you are a blogger who are looking for improving user experience, or users looking for a similar services, you will definitely want to catch this opportunity.

Of course, I will be grateful if you retweet this post and share it with your friends on your social networks, which will actually helps benefit all of us. We are currently using the service on our blog, you can check how it works on our contact page.