Girls Dead Monster: Crow Song (Angel Beats! Insert Song)

Even more anime related songs, this time it’s Angel Beats’ insert song sung by GirlsDeMo, an abbrevation for Girls Dead Monster. I have no idea why the band has that strange name but the songs they sings are pretty good. When I hear the song “My Song” it hits a sensitive snare, people who are following the anime know why. The scene was really something what you could expect from KEY. I am really wondering how the show is going to pick it up with (probably) Yui as the main vocalist. The Seiyuu that voices Yui (Eri Kitamura) has sung many different songs like Toradora’s Orange and Pre-parade. It’s getting quite interesting, we’re at one third of all episodes and I’m not sure how the story will progress but so far so good. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I’d say .. give it a go. Also try ToraDora! while you’re at it =p.

I was actually expecting YoU to post it as he was already busy writing the article but seeing as it has been scrapped I thought I’d take it over. Without further ado here’s the insert song with the mini-album’s name “Crow Song”.

Crow Song ( Scans included )


  1. Crow Song
  2. Alchemy
  3. My Song