Girls und Panzer TV Anime in Fall

According to the official website, TV Anime of Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァー) will be aired this Fall, starting from October. With the announcement made back in May, Girls und Panzer is an original Anime and will be directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (水島 努), who is well known for his Ookiku Furikabutte (おおきく振りかぶって), Shinryaku! Ika Musume (侵略!イカ娘), Another (アナザー), xxxHOLiC and so forth. Looks like it will be quite an promising series, and if you have already checked out the cast list, you will probably love it.

Girls und Panzer


The story will focus around high school girls battling in tanks. The setting involves a universe where the art of operating tanks (戦車道 Sensha-do) is a traditional martial art for girls. The protagonist, Miho, moves to Oarai Girl’s High School, where she is ordered by the student council chairperson to participate in the national Sensha-do championship.

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