Gundam 00 Insert Song: TOMORROW


Ayumi Tsunematsu (恒松あゆみ), the Seiyuu/Voicer of Marina Ismail, has just released her latest single which is used as the insert song (IM) of Gundam 00. I remember some guess I made in my old post where I put it as the new ED of the series.


  1. TOMORROW (5:07)
  2. TOMORROW ~第14話エンディングテーマ~ (5:29)
  3. TOMORROW for BGM ~Piano version (2:28)
  4. TOMORROW for BGM ~Strings version (2:27)
  5. TOMORROW (without vocal) (5:07)
  6. TOMORROW ~第14話エンディングテーマ~ (without vocal) (5:28)

You can get it on Play-Asia.