Haruka Minazuki Doujinshi: KEMOMIMI COLOR

Haruka Minazuki (水月悠, Circle name: Hikami Oukoku 氷上王国) is one of those most talent illustrators you can find in Japan. His style contains both the MOE soul of OTAKU and the elegance of beauty. Especially he likes to draw Nekomimi very often. To me, he has just commited a crime of being too AWESOME.

However, Haruka seemed not have attent the Comiket 75 last December and there’s no news updates on his blog. Wondering what had happened. So far some most wanted Comiket 75 Doujinshi still cannot be found, say, choco chip, Takashi Hashimoto, Tasuku Iizuki and so forth, maybe they have just quited.

Regarding this Doujinshi which is an old one (released on Comiket 73) but it’s worth collecting and reviewing. There’re two versions below, the first one is the full-color and the second is the line sketch version. Take either you like, or both.