Hatsukoi Limited Anime


Hatsukoi Limited (初恋限定, First Love Limited) is a Japanese romantic school comedy manga by Mizuki Kawashita (河下 水希) who’s a well known author of Ichigo 100%. The manga that was originally published on Shounen Jump has been cut off, which means there’s no more Hatsukoi Limited manga. All together there’re 32 chapter of it and you can check them out here. Why it was cut off since it once ranked top among all? The reason is simply: the manga has eight heroines (which means there’re over eight heroes in the story) and the relationships among them are too complicated and at the same time separated.

Luckily we have the TV Anime now. The Anime was announced to be released in Spring 2009, probably April this year. You can read more at the official website (JP).

Hatsukoi Limited (初恋限定。, Hatsukoi Rimiteddo?, lit. First Love Limited) is a Japanese shounen romantic comedy manga by Mizuki Kawashita. It was serialized by Shueisha in the manga magazine Weekly Shounen Jump from October 2007 to May 2008 and collected in four bound volumes. Adaptations as an anime and a series of drama CDs were announced in September 2008, and are currently in production. The series depicts vignettes in the love lives of eight girls in middle school and high school. Read more on Wikipedia.


Oops! Heroines line up!