Have You Ever Received Chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

Hello folks, it’s time to be honest now. Have you ever received chocolates on Valentine’s Day? To be the first, I have to say no. It was not a traditional culture that giving chocolate as a present in my country but we did see things being changed these days. It’s a more business orientated than we could expected but looking into the Anime, or even the pop culture of Japan, the Valentine’s Day does have lots of impact on the main stream.

Valentine's Day

Different countries have different traditions on this day. In Japan, it will be girls giving chocolates to boys they like, or not like (Giri Choco, 義理チョコ) on the day and boys will return the service on White Day a month later. Shibuya246 had an interesting survey on this topic and am sure you would like to check it out. What about you, tell us about your Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, noticed the nice pic above, it’s an Anime made by combing all the series of TYPE-MOON together and will be aired in this year or next, named TAKE MOON. The specific date was not confirmed but will bring up latest updates upon further news.