Illustration of the Week 10: Guilty Crown

Finally, the first episode of all the series of the Fall season were aired. And one of the last, Guilty Crown, is probably the one that you should never miss. We had a wonderful time watching the first episode of the series, the animation is close to movie quality, the character design is cool, and the most impressive one to me, the music. The series starts with the OP performed by our female protagonist (well, we know supercell is actually singing the song), which instantly turn out to be the track that I most expect of the season. I will come up with the recommended series of the season later this week, but the list may be probably too long since I am actually following 90% of all the new series.

Cute illustration of female protagonist Inori Yuzuriha (楪 いのり), vocalist of the Internet band Egoist in the series. Looks like all the members of the Egoist band are from the resistance group. Of course it is still too early to talk about anything. If you are interested in the series, also check out our review of the series.

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