Illustration of the Week 5: STEINS;GATE

It has been a while since the previous post and I am now totally back to the usual schedule. The exams are done and things are back to normal and kind of enjoying these moments when you can do something you really enjoy doing.

The illustration this week is the series fills will many cute girls surrounding the Chuunibyou (中二病) male protagonist. Not many comments for the hero but the girls are so perfectly described and love them all whether you have watched the series or not. Enjoy the cute scan below.

Another thing in mind. Recently have witness some strange phenomenon out there and people these days seem to have a strong desire for Apple related products. Apple has been hot these days and ever since the introduction of the iPhone, the company potentially out beat the competitors and also outperform Google and become the most value brand in the world. Personally, even though I use Mac and even though I have an iPhone, I am not really an Apple fans. Probably because of how Apple performs in front of the media or how they price their products, or how they lure customers without really caring about them. I am totally not at the side of the company.

But I am always a Microsoft fans, ever since a young age when I first met my 486 PC which runs on DOS. But Microsoft is going the down side and probably will continue for a long time. Without Bill who is my hero of all time backing up and guiding the company, Microsoft should make a change or else we can see the falling giant in a short coming future. And to prove that I am a Microsoft fans, I just bought a Microsoft mouse for my Macbook Pro and my one day experience is: OMG, I will never use an Apple mouse again.

So much for the topic and wish you all have a nice summer holiday.