Illustration of the Week 6: Hana-Saku Iroha

So, I was overjoyed. First, I finally able to get Adsense back to the site. The previous suspend seemed to be something to do with the content. So, honestly I would like to ask whether you guys find TheAkiba the NSFW one? We don’t post anything that is not suitable for most of the people and if there were any, we warn you with a NSFW signal first (I am sure that you barely find any). But Google always seem to be over cautious and people on the forum and blogs always complaining that their site being suspended by Google. And for those who surfer from the same problem, all you need to do is to remove anything that may go against Google’s policy and tell the world that you obey what Google ask. It seems mindless but it’s true if you need to use Adsense as part of your revenue. Luckily (really?), we don’t generate too much earning from Adsense and it won’t affect a lot even if the site won’t produce any cash flow since we do it with a personal interests. But of course, if would be much better if that interest paid off.

Second thing in my mind, would be the coming July, the coming new Anime series and the new Mac OS X Lion. If you have already read our latest new Anime guide for this July, you may find out what you want to follow. It will be a great season and so far I was pleased with most of the series and a little bit sorry with the previous season.

About the illustration this week, it’s the beloved Hana-Saku Iroha. The series is going have around 26 episodes, so there are plenty to watch still. Enjoy the nice scan.