Illustration of the Week 9: Blood-C

All the Summer series are on the half way and we still have another month before the October. Quite like some of the series like Yuru Yuri and Natsume Yuujinchou. However, some of the series are quite difficult for me to decide whether it’s good or bad, like Blood-C. The series is quite flat during the first few episodes, and suddenly in the recent two episodes, all the things changed. Too much blood and even friends became enemies. That was a risky change of the plot and you may say the “peaceful” first half of the series is used as a comparison to the second half of fierce fights. Lots of friends recommended me to follow the series, and I did. Still difficult to totally understand the plot but will continue follow it.


Other things in mind. Am about to go back to campus in two weeks and guess it’s time for me to get roundup of what I did during the Summer break. We have set up a weekly newsletter and thanks for folks who opt in. We will send out the first issue at the first weekend of the September and hope you guys will like it. Also, we have a new channel for Anime bloggers which is still in beta, Akiba Network. If you have a blog and write your own posts, you are welcomed to join in.

Last but not least, our Facebook Fan Page finally reached 500 fans. Thanks for all the folks and we are going to make it a better place for you in the future.